Linux 4.6


By grouping files together it is possible to express the architecture in terms of a hierarchical set of directed graphs. Within a graph the edges represent a dependency of one node on another. By clicking on an ellipse in the diagram it is possible to descend to the next level. The top level diagram can be found in Top level.

Given that graphs have been derived then metrics can be calculated for each, these are presented in Summary of graph complexity.

The Doxygen source for the pages and their diagrams were generated by running a script from my article on CodeProject on the source code of the Linux kernel version 4.6. The filters were created semi-automatically and are wrong, but hopefully a fair approximation as there are 1389 of them. So the upshot is it may state that the structure is bad when it isn't. If anyone thinks this may be useful if only it did things a little differently then they can take the source code and do as they will.

The tool itself resides on Github.